Easy Salmon in Foil (or en papillote)

30 minutes. That’s all it takes to make this recipe. What will you do with your 30 minutes of free time? (I usually like to read a book, walk my dog, take a nap, or chat with Daniel or a friend).

Look, I love cooking. Most days, it is awesome to be in the kitchen, chopping and cooking, sauteeing and tasting, adjusting and measuring– all to make something delectable to share with Daniel and/or others.

But then there are some days– an intense day at work or a long session of hitting it too hard at the gym or maybe both– those are the days where all I want is something to just heat and serve and be done.

For those kinds of days, this “recipe” is my go-to. And I use quotes because there are so many opportunities for variation with this– you can really make it your own:

Salmon in foil with butter and lemon (what I do half of the time)


Herbed salmon in foil (garlic, rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme, lemon– what I do the other half of the time)


Asian salmon in foil (ginger, garlic, shallot, rice vinegar, tamari, coconut oil)

Lemon, butter, and dill salmon in foil

Latin salmon in foil (coconut oil, lime, garlic, shallot, chili flake, then fresh cilantro to finish)

I’ll stop there so I don’t sound like a Forrest Gump joke.

Just know there are many options– choose whatever is tastiest (or just easiest to find in your pantry). And always add grass-fed butter or coconut oil, as they have a high smoke point and are good-for-you fats.

To make matters more complicated (or easier, depending on your outlook :)), you can also mix and match whatever veg you want to place underneath the salmon.

Also, you can use either parchment paper (en papillote) or aluminum foil. Either way, be sure to wrap everything and place it on a cookie sheet just in case there’s a spill during the cooking process.

The only thing to really remember for this recipe is this: 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Got it? Good!

Salmon in Foil (with lemon and butter variation)


2 fillets of wild-caught salmon
1 tbs of grass-fed butter
juice from half a lemon
dash of Himalayan salt and pepper
1 cup of chopped veg of your choosing (e.g., broccoli and onion, asparagus, 
cauliflower, peppers, green beans, zucchini, brussels sprout, etc.)

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. On a large piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil, place veg as base then place salmon fillets on top. Break up butter and place on top of salmon. Season with lemon juice, then salt and pepper.
  3. Wrap up entire contents so that salmon and veg are fully enclosed. They need to cook in their own steam.
  4. Cook for 30 minutes in the oven. When finished, let contents cool for a bit then open and serve!

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