Product Review: Natural Stacks MycoMind and MycoBoost

I am a big fan of Natural Stacks‘ products. If you haven’t already done so, try taking some of their Ciltep before a test or work presentation and see how you do. 😉

They also have an amazing podcast called the Optimal Performance Podcast which I’m subscribed to and listen to religiously. So when they announced their Myco line, I knew I wanted to try it out.

I have started to use MycoMind before drafting blog posts and normally, it takes me a day to write a single post. I was able to write 6 future posts in one sitting after taking 1 MycoMind capsule (half the recommended dose).

I also was able to think more creatively– I came up with tons of blog post concepts in addition to writing up those aforementioned posts! I felt very similarly to the way I feel when I take modafinil (and that I only take once in a blue moon, as I once took it two days in a row and got a massive migraine).

I gave a couple MycoMind capsules to my friend J and he also experienced a 12-hour solidly productive day at work.

So, if you’re like me and can’t handle modafinil but want something similar to a Ciltep but you also don’t want to take Ciltep all the time, this may be good for you to cycle into your high performance regimen so that you’re not taking one thing all the time.

I’m not really into drugs or alcohol, as they tend to lower my performance physically/cognitively. But anything that enhances my performance and doesn’t give me any side effects is good with me!

I figured MycoBoost would be more suitable as a whole-body nootropic so I took a couple capsules on an evening where I “wanted” to go to the gym but not really. I was able to lift a personal best (70 lbs bench press for 4 sets of 12 reps/set) for my chest day. Not too bad considering I didn’t even want to go to the gym in the first place since I was feeling tired from work.

OK there was one side effect of these products that I noted. After taking both Myco products, I felt … er… very aroused afterward. Daniel did not experience this side effect– only I did. But let’s just say Daniel and I both enjoyed me taking these products– not that intimacy is really a problem for us to begin with– but if it is an area of concern for you, you may consider trying these to help you out.



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