Product Review: Exo Bar

I love listening to health podcasts– including Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint” Podcast. That’s where I first heard about Exo Bars. It’s just a protein bar… made of… um… crickets.


That italicization wasn’t to symbolize me being quiet– these bars are literally made of crickets. I mean, they’re ground up but… yeah.

OK, before you stop reading, first know this: Eatings bugs is good for you! 

Have I got your attention now? Good. “But how much nutrition am I getting in this cricket-flour-based protein bar?” you’re wondering. Here’s a pic of the back of the bar for ya:


My main issue issue with this bar is that it’s not exactly low carb so I would eat this on a carb refeed day or just once in a while. But looking at the ingredients though, it overall seems like it’s all wholesome Paleo stuff.

“OK but what about the taste?” you now wonder.

Honestly, they’re slightly dry in texture– I needed to drink water while eating it– but other than that, it tasted fine! I was pleasantly surprised by how inoffensive-tasting it was.

Look, if anything, I would just try it just to say you’ve had bugs before. I mean, you probably statistically speaking have already had bugs inadvertently in your lifetime but after you have tried one of these, you can at least say you’ve done it intentionally 🙂


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