Product Review: Top 5 Low Carb Chocolate Bars (in no particular order)

Valentine’s Day is coming soon– and that means chocolate. But chocolate is not just a tasty snack– it’s actually good for you when it’s not chockful of sugar. But what brands can one turn to for a chocolate fix that’s also low carb?

1. A local SF brand that I recently discovered called The Good Chocolate really delivers. I tried their variety pack and each small square had high-quality taste with a super subtle sweetness from erythritol and stevia. I never liked super sweet things, even as a former carb addict, so this really hits the spot when I feel like having some chocolate.


Also, there’s no soy lecithin, a common chocolate bar ingredient, in these bars– so you really taste the purity of the chocolate itself. They also come in a variety of flavors– I was partial to the Salted Almond one as well as the Ginger.

2. Another high-quality low carb go-to for me for chocolate is the rich, deep flavor of Bulletproof Fuel Bars. You can really taste the chocolate– and it’s also subtle in its sweetness. No soy lecithin here, either.


Since it’s Dave Aspery’s brand, you know it’s all been mold-toxin tested. You’ll have to order these online though (unless you live in Santa Monica where the Bulletproof Coffee shop is!).

3. Lily’s Chocolate is another brand I like to support. They use stevia and if you prefer a sweeter taste, then this may be your thing. They do use soy lecithin so you don’t get that pure, unadulterated chocolate taste that you would from say, the aforementioned chocolates. However, these I discovered at Whole Foods so they’re more readily available than the first two brands. They also come in more flavors — I like their Salted Almond, Coconut, and Extra Dark flavors.


Also, if you are into baking, they offer chocolate chips which is convenient to know.

4. Another brand that’s good if you like things more sweet than subtle is Lakanto. We discovered them at the Bulletproof Conference this past year.


They also make a low carb maple syrup, FYI. All their products are sweetened with monkfruit. Their chocolate bars don’t have soy but they do use sunflower lecithin. I haven’t yet seen these in stores so for now, you may have to order online (looks like they’re available in some stores in the Midwest).

5. Last but not least, there’s Lulu’s Chocolates. At first, I got confused because “Lulu” sounds like “Lily” and so I thought they were from the same company since what are the chances there’d be similarly named brands in the same tiny product space? But no– different brand but same concept.

These bars are a bit expensive but worth it. I enjoy the subtlety in sweetness here as well (from coconut sugar– very small amount/low glycemic).


This brand differentiates itself from the others I mentioned in that it’s all raw chocolate. So if you like that bitter, deep chocolate taste in its rawest form, then I would go with these. They also come in interesting flavors like Maca or Vanilla Bean.

Well, that’s all the chocolate brands that I know of– these companies know who they’re catering to so they’re all organic/non-GMO and gluten-free. If you can think of any more, let me know!


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