Paleo Dog Food

Here’s me with my co-pilot, Max (not taken while driving)

Dogs are our best friends. So, we should treat them to nutritious meals.

I like to have Max chow down on Orijen since their ingredients are generally sustainably sourced and they don’t use vegetable oils in most of their products. They also have a sister brand called Arcana but not all pet stores have that one.

But there are days when Max won’t eat his kibble at all. And even though fasting, I imagine, is okay for dogs since it’s biologically appropriate for humans– I still worry since Max has Type I diabetes, an autoimmune/genetic condition (rather than a lifestyle condition, which would include Type II diabetes). When he skips a meal, I get concerned about his blood glucose dropping too low.

Daniel, being the amazing life partner that he is, saw my concerns as Max’s pet mom and came up with the great idea of supplementing his dog food with some human-inspired food to encourage his eating.

Enter our Paleo Dog Food recipe, inspired by online research for what kinds of ingredients dogs need/are acceptable for them to eat.

All you need are two skillets (to cook the meat in its own fat and/or with some coconut oil) and a steamer (to soften all the veg since dogs don’t have the same teeth for mashing veg that we have).

We then separate out the ingredients and mix so that it’s about 70% protein and 30% veg.

Hope your canine friends enjoy what we came up with!

Paleo Dog Food


10 lbs of organic chicken thigh, chopped 
4 lbs of organic chicken or beef liver, chopped
24 cage-free eggs, mixed for scrambling
Coconut oil to cover skillet surface

1 gallon bag of shredded organic carrots
1 gallon bag of chopped organic green beans
1 lb of chopped organic broccoli
1 organic butternut squash, chopped
2 organic Fuji apples, finely processed
16 oz organic spinach
  1. In two skillets, sautee chicken thighs, then livers, then eggs, all in coconut oil over medium heat to prevent fat oxidation. Cool and set aside each.
  2. Simulatenously, steam chopped veg in separate batches. Cool and set aside.
  3. Mix all ingredients so that it’s 7 parts protein and 3 parts veg.
  4. Individually bag and freeze for storage. Thaw out in installments as needed.

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