Three At-Home Test Kits

Biohacking is all about self-experimentation. So why not learn more about yourself via using at-home test kits? Here are some that I have used and/or that are on my radar:

  1. Ubiome ($89 for your gut, $199 for your gut over time, and $399 for a 5-site kit): The way this one works is you order a kit, register the kit number online, then you go number two and swab your toilet paper after wiping, then plunge that same swab in a small test tube then mail that test tube in. You wait a few weeks and read your gut biome results online.


I did this one and was happy to learn that though I’m in the 98th percentile for biodiversity, I need to work on my firmicutes to bacteroidetes ratio (1.1 to 1)– studies have shown that gut microbiomes tilted in favor of bacteroidetes are correlated with weight loss and lean body types.

2. 23andme ($199 for health and ancestry): Same as the one above but instead of swabbing your poop, you’re collecting saliva for DNA testing– you have to register your kit before collection, then mail it in after collection, and wait for your results to view online.


After they got temporarily shut down by the FDA, the kind of health information you used to get is no longer available but it’s still worth a try for the experience and to learn how sensitive you are to caffeine, if you are a supertaster, if you’re intolerant to alcohol and lactose (for me, yes and no respectively), and to see if you’re a carrier for various genetic conditions.

3. DNAFit  ($159 for basic diet info, $191 for basic fitness info, and $399 for diet and fitness?! Ugh biohacking is expensive. However, if you’ve already done 23andme, for $149, you can have the diet and fitness analysis done so you can save yourself some cash).


Same deal as 23andme in terms of the collection process but I’m really excited about this one– this takes away all the trial and error of diet and exercise — recommending what kind of fitness you should be doing and what kinds of foods you should eat based on your genetics. I’ll let you know what I learn from doing this in a later post 🙂


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