About Geri’s Kitchen

Cooking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But I also care about being healthy. I am also sick of yo-yo diets and fads. This is where Geri’s Kitchen comes in. This blog is devoted to living a well-balanced, happy, healthy, and tasty life.

I’m a novice biohacker who wants to share her love of food, health, and fitness, out of her tiny kitchen in San Francisco. This blog is not just about eating low-carb, high-fat (#LCHF) meals. It’s also about learning about cyclical ketosis (~5 days of LCHF and 2 days of good-for-you carbs like rice and sweet potato). It’s about learning about fasting (I mostly just eat lunch and dinner only — though I also recommend trying a fast for up to a week if you feel like a challenge!).

It’s about finally meeting your fitness goals in a sustainable way for the rest of your life rather than counting calories and feeling tired all the time and gaining whatever weight you’ve lost back.

It’s about looking good and feeling good. Here’s to you, from my kitchen.

xo, Geri