My Top 5 Health/Wellness Books

I love reading– mostly been into non-fiction lately though I certainly have read my share of poetry/fiction/more creative works, as I have an MFA in Creative Writing as part of my background. I go through waves where I’ll be interested in all things fantastical for a few years then be completely turned off by the… Continue reading My Top 5 Health/Wellness Books

Paleo Dog Food

Dogs are our best friends. So, we should treat them to nutritious meals. I like to have Max chow down on Orijen since their ingredients are generally sustainably sourced and they don’t use vegetable oils in most of their products. They also have a sister brand called Arcana but not all pet stores have that one. But there… Continue reading Paleo Dog Food

Top 5 Ways I Beat the Winter Blues

  I normally like to post on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So why did I miss last Friday and this Monday? Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say I had some personal obstacles that prevented me from keeping to my self-imposed posting schedule. But misfortunes happen all the time– so… Continue reading Top 5 Ways I Beat the Winter Blues

Why Carbs Occasionally Work (or, My Recipe for Leptin Reset Kimchi Fried Rice)

Have you hit a weight loss plateau while being in ketosis all the time? You lost a ton of weight initially and now you’re average-sized/fine but your goal is to stand out from the crowd and look cut? Maybe resetting your leptin response via cyclical ketosis is your answer. That’s what I have found, anyway. Cycling… Continue reading Why Carbs Occasionally Work (or, My Recipe for Leptin Reset Kimchi Fried Rice)

Product Review: Exo Bar

I love listening to health podcasts– including Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint” Podcast. That’s where I first heard about Exo Bars. It’s just a protein bar… made of… um… crickets. That italicization wasn’t to symbolize me being quiet– these bars are literally made of crickets. I mean, they’re ground up but… yeah. OK, before you stop reading,… Continue reading Product Review: Exo Bar