Easy Bone Broth

In case you haven’t already noticed, bone broth is all the rage in the health/fitness world– and why not? The benefits are numerous. It’s gluten-free, chockful of collagen (which is beneficial to your skin and joints), and fits well into one’s low carb/keto/fasting lifestyle. Yes, bone broth is considered acceptable to drink when you’re fasting (so… Continue reading Easy Bone Broth

Top 5 Ways I Beat the Winter Blues

  I normally like to post on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So why did I miss last Friday and this Monday? Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say I had some personal obstacles that prevented me from keeping to my self-imposed posting schedule. But misfortunes happen all the time– so… Continue reading Top 5 Ways I Beat the Winter Blues

Salmon with Cajun Bean-Pasta Alfredo

Even though I eat low carb most days, I don’t miss pasta. Why? Because I still get to have it. I recently discovered bean-based pastas from Explore Cuisine. I avoid the soybean ones, as soy has been implicated as being a phytoestrogen in like every health book ever. But are beans low carb? No– they’re… Continue reading Salmon with Cajun Bean-Pasta Alfredo

Product Review: Top 5 Low Carb Chocolate Bars (in no particular order)

Valentine’s Day is coming soon– and that means chocolate. But chocolate is not just a tasty snack– it’s actually good for you when it’s not chockful of sugar. But what brands can one turn to for a chocolate fix that’s also low carb? 1. A local SF brand that I recently discovered called The Good Chocolate really delivers.… Continue reading Product Review: Top 5 Low Carb Chocolate Bars (in no particular order)

Product Review: Exo Bar

I love listening to health podcasts– including Mark Sisson’s “Primal Blueprint” Podcast. That’s where I first heard about Exo Bars. It’s just a protein bar… made of… um… crickets. That italicization wasn’t to symbolize me being quiet– these bars are literally made of crickets. I mean, they’re ground up but… yeah. OK, before you stop reading,… Continue reading Product Review: Exo Bar

Product Review: Natural Stacks MycoMind and MycoBoost

I am a big fan of Natural Stacks‘ products. If you haven’t already done so, try taking some of their Ciltep before a test or work presentation and see how you do. 😉 They also have an amazing podcast called the Optimal Performance Podcast which I’m subscribed to and listen to religiously. So when they announced… Continue reading Product Review: Natural Stacks MycoMind and MycoBoost