My Top 5 Health/Wellness Books

I love reading– mostly been into non-fiction lately though I certainly have read my share of poetry/fiction/more creative works, as I have an MFA in Creative Writing as part of my background. I go through waves where I’ll be interested in all things fantastical for a few years then be completely turned off by the… Continue reading My Top 5 Health/Wellness Books

Easy Bone Broth

In case you haven’t already noticed, bone broth is all the rage in the health/fitness world– and why not? The benefits are numerous. It’s gluten-free, chockful of collagen (which is beneficial to your skin and joints), and fits well into one’s low carb/keto/fasting lifestyle. Yes, bone broth is considered acceptable to drink when you’re fasting (so… Continue reading Easy Bone Broth

My Personal Opinion of the 5:2 and Whole30 Diets

Part of the reason why I love geeking out on health/fitness is that it’s an area of knowledge that I feel is constantly in flux– some might find that frustrating. I find it exciting. I love learning new things and having my mental paradigms be challenged and even, in some cases, shifted. For example, I… Continue reading My Personal Opinion of the 5:2 and Whole30 Diets

What Weight-Lifting Has Taught Me (with Bonus Fasting Post-Script)

I have talked before on why I choose cyclical ketosis as well as fasting*. But why weight-lifting? Before I started my biohacking journey, I used to view fitness in a myopic and flawed way. What do I mean by this? Example 1 (myopic– training for a specific event): In middle and high school, I ran cross country.… Continue reading What Weight-Lifting Has Taught Me (with Bonus Fasting Post-Script)

Benefits of Fasting

On my raison d’etre post, I mentioned that I would later talk about the benefits of fasting. Well, I like to keep my promises! I’ve been doing intermittent fasting in that I drink Bulletproof coffee in the morning and don’t eat anything till about 2pm. I then will eat a small lunch and dinner and then… Continue reading Benefits of Fasting

Why I Choose Cyclical Ketosis

I’m an amateur biohacker. What does that even mean? Well, it means that I like to do what’s right for my body so that I can live and perform to the best of my abilities. And for me/my body, cyclical ketosis works. Let’s back up: as I mentioned in a previous post, I used to… Continue reading Why I Choose Cyclical Ketosis