My Top 5 Health/Wellness Books

I love reading– mostly been into non-fiction lately though I certainly have read my share of poetry/fiction/more creative works, as I have an MFA in Creative Writing as part of my background. I go through waves where I’ll be interested in all things fantastical for a few years then be completely turned off by the… Continue reading My Top 5 Health/Wellness Books

Easy Bone Broth

In case you haven’t already noticed, bone broth is all the rage in the health/fitness world– and why not? The benefits are numerous. It’s gluten-free, chockful of collagen (which is beneficial to your skin and joints), and fits well into one’s low carb/keto/fasting lifestyle. Yes, bone broth is considered acceptable to drink when you’re fasting (so… Continue reading Easy Bone Broth

On Being in an Open Relationship

This site is about eating and living healthy– but what does “healthy” mean? Based on my personal experiences, I have decided that “health” is best defined as whatever energizes me and makes me feel good (including a cyclical ketogenic diet marked with intermittent fasting and weight-lifting plus a little bit of high-intensity interval cardio (*phew*)). Sound complicated? I… Continue reading On Being in an Open Relationship

My Personal Opinion of the 5:2 and Whole30 Diets

Part of the reason why I love geeking out on health/fitness is that it’s an area of knowledge that I feel is constantly in flux– some might find that frustrating. I find it exciting. I love learning new things and having my mental paradigms be challenged and even, in some cases, shifted. For example, I… Continue reading My Personal Opinion of the 5:2 and Whole30 Diets

What Weight-Lifting Has Taught Me (with Bonus Fasting Post-Script)

I have talked before on why I choose cyclical ketosis as well as fasting*. But why weight-lifting? Before I started my biohacking journey, I used to view fitness in a myopic and flawed way. What do I mean by this? Example 1 (myopic– training for a specific event): In middle and high school, I ran cross country.… Continue reading What Weight-Lifting Has Taught Me (with Bonus Fasting Post-Script)

Benefits of Fasting

On my raison d’etre post, I mentioned that I would later talk about the benefits of fasting. Well, I like to keep my promises! I’ve been doing intermittent fasting in that I drink Bulletproof coffee in the morning and don’t eat anything till about 2pm. I then will eat a small lunch and dinner and then… Continue reading Benefits of Fasting

Why I Choose Cyclical Ketosis

I’m an amateur biohacker. What does that even mean? Well, it means that I like to do what’s right for my body so that I can live and perform to the best of my abilities. And for me/my body, cyclical ketosis works. Let’s back up: as I mentioned in a previous post, I used to… Continue reading Why I Choose Cyclical Ketosis